Jobs of the future


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The list is being updated on a regular basis.

Productivity Counselor

With the emphasis on productivity and “making a difference,” coupled with new tracking technologies, people will need help refining their lives to improve their productivity, combining ergonomics, wellness, time management and career counseling.

Corporate Ethologist

A specialist of corporate and human behaviors. He or she gauges the atmosphere in your company, evaluates the capacity of coworkers to embrace intrapreneurship and creativity. He or she coaches you to help you let your community blossom. He or she is a consultant in corporate wellness.

Curiosity Tutor

A personal advisor in “flaneuring”; an advisor that not only provides inspiration and content to spark curiosity, but one that teaches the art of discovery.

Printing Handyman

A neighborhood materials and 3D printing specialist, akin to the “do it all” local repair man of the past who comes to you to fulfill your micromanufacturing needs.

Digital Detox Therapist

A counselor who specializes in separating technology stressed individuals from their devices, creating unique analog immersion zones.

Quantified Self Personal Trainer

A health trainer who not only recommends and curates diets, but also analyzes personal and fitness routine data to create optimum personal life choices.


This expert in criminology uses algorithms and semantic analysis to predict events. He will be particularly capable of foreseeing where the next crime will take place. He will be able to anticipate crimes before they happen, therefore, will help the police prevent them; he will know who premeditates a crime, who is the targeted victim and why.


After years of abuse, the Earth is ill. To save the planet, hyperactive green activists, or bio-policemen, will conduct carbon audits and other analyzes, will look to pass environmental laws and enforcement procedures.

Veggie Butcher

9 billion people are expected on Earth in 2050. Feeding them without paying the environmental cost will be a challenge… Eating meat will be a luxury. Scientists – chemists of tomorrow will be able to replicate the taste of the meat, to develop a vegetable meat by mixing artificial flavors, bacteria and grains.

Share Economy Mediator

We are entering the era of sharing: car-sharing, flat-sharing, coworking … Tomorrow , the sharing economy will be extended to numerous fields. A new type of consultant will appear to organize the logistic. He will advise on business reorganization to promote synergies. He will also help in the area of ​​housing (especially in the case of social housing), optimizing the gathering of citizens.

Personal Digital Curator

A specialist that recommends and maintains your unique suite of apps, hardware, software and information sources for your evolving personality and career.


He/She is a mix between a neuroscientist and a philosopher because the brain, as the organ of the mind, has implications for broader philosophical problems, such as the nature of free will, moral responsibility. He/She is concerned by the ethical, legal and social impact of neuroscience, including the ways in which neurotechnology can be used to predict or alter human behavior.

Alternative Currency Speculator

As Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are gaining traction with people who distrust Fiat currency; this is creating an opportunity for alternative currency arbitrage and investment opportunities.

Digital Death Manager

A specialist that creates, manages or eliminates content to craft ones online presences posthumously.

Crowdfunding Specialist

An expert on sites like “Kickstarter” who understands how to promote and attain funds for a project through crowd funding.

Privacy Consultant

This consultant reveals vulnerabilities in an individualʼs personal, physical, and online security points.


Because of the population is growing more and more, the remoteness of job areas and commuting ways are stretching, not to mention the flexibility of employment, we shall have to move on the planet regularly. If our lover is on the other side of the world, sexonauts will offer us devices supporting our love and sexual closeness (robotic brothels, haptic underwear, interconnected objects, digital peep show …)


Tomorrow, robots will keep company to the elderly (food processor), to desperate sterile parents (artificial intelligence and humanoid child-substitute of any kind), to very young children (nanny-bot), etc. This new emotional dependency between robots and humans require to fulfill what is currently a legal vacuum: the Robotjurist, expert in robots law, will act as a conflict mediator, will handle administration for final failure, obsolescence and replacement, inheritance and estate fees… The scope of intervention will also extend to the role of a lawyer in order to handle divorces and other robot-family misfortunes.

Drone-traffic Controller

Tomorrow, drones will be flying everywhere above our cities to deliver our shopping items, to collect atmospheric data, to film a wedding, to monitor the streets, etc. There will be people responsible for monitoring the drone traffic to prevent them from colliding.

Data Cleaner

Data cleaner or digital archivist: the specialist will assess the amount of information digitally generated by individuals. He will manage them, classify them, store them, or even delete them. Also, he will track duplicates and outdated information, etc. Indeed, the current flow of digital data is massive. Controlling it, is now a skill and a full-time job.

Corporate Disorganizer

An expert that shuffles hierarchies in companies to create start-up culture or organized chaos.

Microbial Balancer

A trained balancer that assesses the composition and microbial makeup of an environment or individual and provides recommendations for balancing ecosystems for enhanced health.

Urban Shepherd

A combination of resilient micro-farmer and guide to the nature-filled side of the city. These plant care specialists focus on small-scale gardens and plots that exist in unusual urban areas.

Personal Life Log Archivist

In the age of the completely archived life, there will be a need for AI experts to organize, catalog and make sense of the volumes personal content and to identify potential uses for one’s life log.

Cultural Skill Sherpa

Like a financial advisor, this “pivot professional” helps clients develop and acquire the skills to prepare for positions that are one of a kind, emergent or newly relevant.

Meme Agent

Similar to a celebrity or talent agent, a Meme Agent represents and maximizes the value of the personality or intellectual property used in a meme.

FabLab Police

With 3D printing, there is no limit to the complexity of an object. This new phenomenon will require a series of experts to design objects, print plans, sell the final products… Thus, tomorrow, peace guards specialized in the design and printing of 3D objects will ensure that irresponsible individuals do not illegally print weapons in their garage.


By 2050, 18 million people will be over 65 years old. The aging of the population will give rise to a myriad of new businesses in the 5th age industry, marketing products and services of all kinds. Indeed, new issues have to be addressed by professionals, such as the management of geriatric crime or even the management of requests for euthanasia.

Organ Printer

The rise of 3D printing, combined with advances in research on stem cells suggest that it will be possible to create organs on demand, to recompose human tissue to form livers, kidneys or hearts. Organ donations and the donor waiting lists might be vanishing in the future…

Instructional Designer

The world is changing at a fast pace. This phenomenon leads us to rethink the way we learn. The revolution in economy therefore causes a revolution in education. And the world of tomorrow will have experts, engineers and designers to lead the revolution in education. These educational “prototypers” will be there to imagine new pedagogies, new contents, new curriculum, and the way we access knowledge. They will invent the future of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses).